Nånting om fotografi
(Something About Photography)

2019, self published artist book, edition: 30, risograph printed, 210 x 297mm, 44 pages, 16 photographs

Published at Upplaga 2—afton för självpublikation, NEJD, Gothenburg, September 28th 2019.

100 SEK + postage, send me an email to order.

Translation of cover text:
I’m standing next to you and pointing at a star. We both understand that my outstretched finger ends up on different places in the nightsky for us, but I keep pointing because I want so much for you to see the same star as I, and you keep looking because you want so much to know which star it is that I mean. We come closer to each other to reduce the distance between our eyes. We end up pressing our cheeks together, and I can’t do anything but keep pointing. You can’t do anything but keep looking. To explain with words which of all the thousands of stars it is that I mean is useless.
In the end you say that you see the star. But neihter of us can be completely sure that it is the same star we are looking at.